Day 8: January 9, 2017

Good work today! (That’s a lie. It’s just me trying to be upbeat and optimistic. I had to squeeze every word onto the page with force. Nothing felt natural.)

I mixed in a bit of editing to the opening chapter, as well as doing current writing. I’ve been talking to someone about being critiquing partners. She sent some good feedback on the opening of the book. One thing she brought up affects language usage throughout the entire book. She’s entirely right about it too. Sigh. It will mean more work during editing.

In hindsight having a southern drawl type of vernacular sounded great. I fancied Faulkner’s “As I Lay Dying” as a model. Great idea in theory! In practice, for my writing and this manuscript, it was just confusing. Oh well. That’s why we get others to read our work. Once I started looking at that, some other things became apparent: I had, for some reason, stopped using the possessive¬†apostrophe ‘s’; I had a strange nomenclature for family and clan members; and what I thought were some well-designed scenes lacked setting detail entirely! Thank you, C (potential critiquing partner).

I started chapter 38 today. I kept distracting myself with thoughts of revising chapter 1, but eventually plowed ahead for 1,000+ words. I’m still on track for mid-February to finish the complete first draft. (And an admission: I miscalculated my word count from Friday, day 5, which I’ve updated. Today’s counts are accurate reflecting those changes.)

Words written today: 1,150
Total for this manuscript: 88,168
Total for 2017: 7,360


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