Day 1: January 2, 2017

Today, January 2, no writing. But thought quite a bit about finishing the last 30,000 pages of KINGDOM. My protagonists are nicely entangled in plot. My antagonists (so we’ll call them) are about to strut across the stage, finally and with much fanfare. But actual writing of words on paper? No.

However, over the new year’s weekend, I did get almost 900 words written into Google Keep on my phone. Not the best or easiest method, but surprisingly fun for one of those mini bursts of creative energy. Finished up the last chapter of part 7, or at least got a rough sketch of the scene and dialogue.

I head back to real work tomorrow and hope to return to a regular writing schedule. I will explain more in next post. Until then.


One thought on “Day 1: January 2, 2017

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