Day 161 – 177: June 9 – 25, 2017

I went on vacation and my wife insisted I not touch my laptop or do any writing. So, that’s what happened. I am back. This is my first update. Some things did happen, like I got an idea for another book, and I made some notes for it (many notes and chapters in fact) in Google Keep on my phone. It’s amazing what you can do with your thumbs as far as writing in a pinch.

I’ll get caught up this week. I also did a Twitter contest last week and got an agent like (hurrah), so will be sending a query soon. I’ll update on that too. Not sure if I’ll name the agent. We’ll see what happens. Onward and all that.

Day 159: June 7, 2017

More easy work today. Had a bit of tricky dialogue that needed to be redone. But otherwise, there were only some pesky grammatical issues I found. The second part of the chapter, Aubrey’s part, had some subtle things happening. Kind of interesting, really. Maybe I’m getting interested in simply reading, rather than revising. Is that a good sign though? Hmm.

  • Chimdawn and the Power

Word count yesterday: 124,374
Word count today: 124, 218

Day 157: June 5, 2017

Started Part Two today, and the beginning of Act Two. Got through Chapter Six:

  • Waketee and Hanlon Caravan

Page count is going down! I think there will be some fantastic opportunities for pruning in these upcoming chapters, even if it’s bit by by, a hundred or so at a time.

Word count yesterday: 124,535
Word count today: 124, 426