Story in “32 White Horses on a Vermillion Hill” anthology

My story "Hammer Dulcimer" appears in Volume 2 of this anthology from Planet X publications, a two-volume charity collection to help fellow writer, Christopher Ropes. It features stories & poems generously donated from members of the weird fiction & horror communities. Christopher has a condition called dentinogenesis imperfecta, which causes discolored, brittle teeth, and has … Continue reading Story in “32 White Horses on a Vermillion Hill” anthology


New Story in Lamplight Magazine

My story "The Church Fire and Redemption" in the newest issue of Lamplight Magazine. With fiction from Shameika Moreland. A. Martine, S.R. Mandel, and M.C. Williams. Also, essays from Maeve Geist discussing the surrealists Leonora Carrington and Gisèle Prassinos. Lamplight Magazine:

New Story in the Anthology “Caravans Awry”

My story "The Tulsa Devil" is part of this excellent anthology, the first of a pulp books series. "Tales of carnival knowledge imparted by ringmasters & roustabouts, wranglers & the restless dead. Hit the road and follow the circus down Route 66 where you'll meet con-artists, freaks, jugglers, & clowns; and while their antics aren't … Continue reading New Story in the Anthology “Caravans Awry”