Delirium: Review of Possession

Watch or Not: Watch Isabelle Adjani is (was) out of her mind. I don't think I've ever seen a movie where the lead actor/actress displays such visual distress. It is frightening. Though not technically a horror movie, (I've seen it classified as a drama, thriller, or even unplaceable in genre definition) to me it is … Continue reading Delirium: Review of Possession


Go Ahead, Make My Day: Review of M.F.A.

Watch or Not: Watch Sometimes you watch a movie and the lead performance is so strong, it makes you cheer the movie on. "Yes, keep going, you're losing steam, but the acting is riveting! Just keep this character moving forward." M.F.A. is such a movie and the performance here is by Francesca Eastwood (daughter of … Continue reading Go Ahead, Make My Day: Review of M.F.A.